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IU in The Best Lee Soon Shin

English Title: The Best Lee Soon-Shin / You are the best, Lee Soon-Shin
Revised romanization: Choegoda Isoonshin
Hangul: 최고다 이순신
Network: KBS
Genre: Romantic, Comedy
Episodes: 50 (planned)
Release Date: March 9th 2013 
Runtime: Saturdays & Sundays 19:50
Replaced:  My Daughter Seo young
Director: Yoon Sung Shik (gaksital, sling shot)
Writer: Jung Yoo-Gyung (Which Star Did You Come From, Insoo is pretty, marry me)
Production Company: A Story (에이스토리)
Cast: IU, Jo Jung Suk, Lee Ji-Hoon, Yoo Inna, Lee Mi Sook, Kim Gab Soo, Go Doo Shim, Son Tae Young etc.


‘You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin’ talks about the trials and tribulations that a mother and her daughter Lee Soon Shin goes through following the death of their husband/father. The mother and daughter duo try to find love and happiness in the aftermath, and will offer messages of healing and hopes through stories that viewers can relate to.  Lee Soon-Shin is a young woman who lived on a remote island. She travels to Seoul and meet Shin Jun Ho, a business man, who will eventually helps her to become star.
Characters Descriptions:
IU as Youngest daughter- Lee Soon Shin 
Sun-shin was named after the famous Admiral Yi Sun-shin, a name given by her grandmother so that her mother would have a son. But her name has a loftier meaning - believe in oneself even in the face of great difficulties and pain.
But lofty meaning aside, what kind of name is this for a girl? The name itself is a great difficulty to Sun-shin. Worse still, her name is just one of many, many problems she has to face.
Sun-shin had to live her whole life in the shadows of her better-looking and smarter sisters. She gets poor grades, isn’t all that pretty, is short, and isn’t good at anything. She’s not clever or tenacious. But then she can become overly emotional, often tearing up watching even a simple drama. She is tender-hearted and easily gullible, frequently falling victim to a scam. Still, being good-natured, she has survived her older sisters’ abuse and snubbing with her spunkiness and humor.
Sun-shin has been taking a couple of years off from college, on the pretext of looking for a job, but she still doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life.

Jo Jung Suk as Shin Jun Ho 
CEO of a management agency.
He used to be a singer-songwriter for a while, but founded an album production and management company. As the son of a famous dermatologist in Seoul, Joon-ho had a privileged childhood, but always felt pressured by the expectation of becoming a doctor like his father. In high school he formed a band in secret, but was soon caught by his father and sent over to America. There he majored in commercial music and upon graduation came back to Korea and released an album.
His first album was a moderate success, even generating some hard-core fans, but his music career tore apart his relationship with his father even further, to the point of severing family ties. At the time his girlfriend was actress Choi Yeon-ah. The two had quickly fallen in love, but his failed second album plunged him into a deep slump and the couple soon split up.
Joon-ho was lost and in despair for a while, but recovered enough to set up a management agency. He succeeded in debuting two hot idol bands in just a couple of years and started to emerge as a new big wig in show business.

Lee Ji Hoon got cast to play IU's protector/guardian angel/ Coffee shop manager/ Jo Jung Suk's best friend/college sunbae- Kim Young-hoon

Yoo Inna as Second Daughter - Lee Yoo Shin 
 Sun-shin’s second oldest sister and a marketing executive for an outdoor sportswear brand. She’s quite capable, eloquent, and sharp.
She is great at everything – sports, arts, even dating.
Her interest lies in nature and spirituality, and great at yoga, her long-time passion. She is a vegetarian and passionate environmental activist. But she is also full of contradictions. She cannot bear to lose and does not tolerate being overlooked, but still preaches tolerance and healing whenever she has a chance.
Her parents always loved Hye-shin and Sun-shin more than her. Hye-shin is the perfect daughter and Sun-shin is the youngest. Then what am I? Why was I born? Yu-shin has had these existential questions since she was but a child. Her self-worth was defined when, at age nine, she and Sun-shin played with matches and set fire to the kitchen. Her mother had run into the fire and saved Sun-shin first, leaving Yu-shin traumatized for life

Son Tae Young as oldest daughter- Lee Hye Shin 
Sun-shin’s eldest sister and Jung-ae and Chang-hoon’s pride and joy. Hye-shin is beautiful, smart, elegant, and lady-like.
She was always the most popular girl in school. Her life was a series of highlights and she was the apple of her parents’ eyes. After graduating from a top university, she joined a world-leading company and soon after received a wedding proposal from a guy who has everything – prominent family, good looks, and wealth.
Hye-shin has always lived up to the expectation to be the best, searching for the best answer in everything, even in marriage. But her marriage was not what she imagined to be. Her husband looked down on her poor family even though her parents had poured in their entire retirement fund to give her a dream wedding. She followed her husband to Hong Kong, where she gave birth to a baby girl and has spent seven years only as a mother and housewife. Then one day she returns to Korea.

Go Doo Shim as Mother of three Lee daughters- Kim Jeong-ae  
Sun-shin’s mother. She has lived her life as a dedicated wife, mother, and daughter-in-law.
Jung-ae didn’t have much, but she has raised her three daughters as best as she can. The eldest daughter, smart, demure and pretty, married a successful fund manager and now lives in Hong Kong. The assertive second daughter is a marketing executive for an outdoor sportswear brand.
But the problem is her youngest, Sun-shin, who, unlike her sisters, always gets into trouble. She has no goal in life and no talent. Compared to her sisters, Sun-shin lacks both the looks and the brains. Jung-ae swears that she spared nothing in raising Sun-shin, but what went wrong? But she knows deep down that Sun-shin actually takes after her.

Lee Mi Sook as Famous actress turned agency CEO- Song Mi Ryung 
She discovers the talent in Lee Soon-shin (IU)  and helps her to grow. She is also going to create a tense relationship with Soon-shin's mom because of her secret relationship with her.

Go Joo Won as Park Chan Woo - Yoo Inna's love interest, next door neighbor,Dermatologist

Kim Gab Soo as Shin Dong Hyuk 
Shin Jun ho's Father

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