Thursday, February 7, 2013

Best Korean Drama 2013(updated)

Hi. Anneoyeo
2012 leave us with so many great korean drama.
The most memorable  drama wil be  Rooftop Prince, Nice Guy and A gentleman dignity.
Our lives can be enriched by watching great drama which own our heart & soul and bring tears & laughter. Hopefully more great drama are coming this year.Because it just early of the year, i'm only listing down korean drama that get good feedback. If you have any suggestion korean drama to be in the list,i will appreciate it.
The storyline is so amazing and their acting are superb. Lee Sang Yoon and Park Bo Young best acting make them them get the title 'Nation Couple'

With great storyline,unpredictable plot-the twist plot make this drama so interesting. All the actor look so immersed with the character especially Park Soo Ha and the creepy ajusshi- Villant in this drama Kim Min Gook. In one variety show,Jung Woo In(Kim Min Gook) said sorry because his character this drama make him so popular than the main cast..haha.
Again Park Bo Young shine with her character as Lawyer Jang

Its scary drama yet its so funny
Its a horror drama yet got romantic comedy element.
I have to close my eyes for second when the ghost appear, but laugh hard to watch the character. Hong Sister's manage to twist from serious drama turn to lovely drama. I love watching this drama. 

 I know will fall in love with Dr Park and Dr Cha after watching this series.

Finally, this drama on list.hehe.I'm just watching it.Thank you for your recommendation. I'm totally hooked.Why,why?Lee Jin Wook steal my heart with his handsome look and great acting in drama.Hopefully you are happy now.

 one word can desribe this drama. A.d.o.r.a.b.l.e

Who slept early last night? Me. Who woke up super early this morning? Me too. Who opened her computer as soon as she woke up and downloaded the drama? Well, that person was no other than me. Never thought my biological clock would obey to my drama-driven brain, prompting me to wake up in the wee hours in the morning just to catch up on the pilot episode of Flower Boy Next Door.
If this happen to you too,admit it. You have fall in love with FBND.

In the MBC drama "Level 7 Civil Servant", the viewers described the ending "bittersweet" and "disappointing". This drama first kicked off with a 15% viewing rate but fell all the way down to 7% towards the end.
Regardless of the negative reviews of the drama, the actors have been receiving praise for their performances. Joo Won and Choi Kang Hee surprised the viewers with new images featuring serious characters that can be funny at the same time

Totally in love with O2 Couple


i love how this drama revolves around family and stuff, and the cuteness of Shin-Shin couple's every encounter, but i hope the writer won't go the wrong way.. most dramas get so boring because they are too corny or too dramatic (to the point of becoming unreasonably dramatic), hopefully this drama maintains the very smooth flow, by not being diverted into another genre..

Love this show!!With each episode the show gets better.There is so much suspense.Shin Se Kyung has proved her worth more than once in the first episode.  Taking on 8 different mafia guys with her bags alone?  Song Seung Hun- he is smoking hot in this role!This guy however will blow you away with a shirt on, but especially with it off...haha

Worth watching.
Ten 2 is about crime investigation based on true event,but they made it more dramatic. This drama is pretty cool and for those who haven't watched season 1 please do it. Watching this drama you will make you hooked to the drama.

continous series of Flower Boy Series

what can i say about this drama?
 Funny,weird,adorable,entertaining and most people who watching this series for first time will fall in love with the character which are refreshingly cute.Not to forget this drama has amazing and fabulous sound track.

I love the main cast chemistry in this drama.they looks perfect. however, the ending shock me. Miss Han Yi soo

 Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae were not enough to draw in more viewers, compared to the first season that featured actors like Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee.  But still it being included as Best drama for action drama.

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 Tell me,if you think any best korean drama should be on the list others than these.I will appreciates your suggestion. 


Filebook said...

I love this. :)

Anonymous said...

there a lot best korean drama in april
hard to choose

thida hlaing said...

I like gu family! Suzy improve

Anonymous said...

I would add Nine : nine time travel to this list.
This one is really underrated, so far it's my favorite drama of 2013. But it's not just me, most people currently watching it, seem to be completely sucked in it. The story and actors are really good, there's many twists and the cliffhangers at the end of every episode make you addicted! The romance in this drama is also really cute :)

Anonymous said...

what about Incarnation of Money. 24 eps.. loved every episode..!

Jim Dung a said...

I suggest that you try watching NINE. It's the best k drama so far this 2013. It's unpredictable and full of twist. After episode 4 your journey with nine will be an amazing one. Lots of bloggers who have watched it created a lot of finale review and all of them praise NINE. Hopefully, you can also make a review of it after watching it. Thanks

LiSa said...

tq jim dung,
i will watch it later

Anonymous said...

I agree with anymous, Nine: Nine Times Time Travel, boardvast by TvN, so far is the best time travel drama with best storyline and put our logic to works hahaha. nice romance story and solving the crime by time travel back 20 years. If you have time, please watch it. deep philosophy also!

Anonymous said...

I hear your voice is the best drama of 2013, lee jong suk and lee bo young are great actors and the story line is really good, i hear your voice is one of the best dramas i ever watched ^^

Pari said...

I would add Cruel City/Heartless City as well :)

Anonymous said...

korean drama

Anonymous said...

Cruel City was another good one. Worth the watch!

Anonymous said...

im watching master sun.. seriously it's very interesting..try watching it

Korean Drama said...

nice. i love the list you come up with.

wonderwoman said...

How come Cruel City is not in this list. Its one of the best Korean drama I have seen. The Best of 2013 yet!

XienXian said...

i hear your voice is the best yet i've watched this year. amazing story and great actors. worth watching.

Nisha Silva said...

I want to watch korean drama. But I can't choose. Please help me. I most like romance dram.

LiSa said...

Nisha,i recommend you to watch i hear your voice first

Nisha Silva said...

Thank you lisa.

alex said...

Secret is best in korean drama history

Anonymous said...

good doctor and i hear your voice!!! ..the best! promise ^.^

Bianca Licup said...

I really reccomend Reply 1994! It's very touching. It's a story about love, story, and friendship.

The values and events that this drama show are deep but it's portrayed in a light and realistic way.

Reply 1994 is really awesome from the characters to the satoori to the plot! :D

Bianca Licup said...

I'm sorry.
*It's a story about love, family, and friendship. ^^