Friday, November 30, 2012

Han Chae Young pictures Before Plastic Surgery

A picture of actress Han Chae Young before she had plastic surgery has been attracting the interest of many netizens.
In a recent online community, a picture of Han Chae Young has been revealed along with the caption, "past photo of Han Chae Young before double eye-lid surgery."
On a talk show, Han Chae Young had revealed before that she had double eye-lid surgery. Even in this past picture, her outstanding beauty can be seen, attracting much attention. In this junior high school graduation photo, Han Chae Young can be seen with long, straight hair and with defined facial features.
Netizens' responses include to the photo, "She looks more attractive before she had plastic surgery," "Her smile is so beautiful," "Of course she is pretty now but..."
On the other hand, Han Chae Young is currently participating in Chinese dramas.

I think she still pretty without plastic surgery!Which one do you prefer? Before or after plastic surgery?


Hogard said...

She has excellently use this surgery to change her look. Now she is looking more beautiful.

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kay said...

she more beautiful before
even though still pretty now