Sunday, October 21, 2012

I would like dating Moon Chae Won- Song Joong Ki

Actor Song Joong Gi said he would say yes to Moon Chae Won.

On the Saturday episode of KBS's "Entertainment Report," they revealed the behind-the-scenes of the KBS drama "The Innocent Man."

Song Joong Gi plays Kang Ma Ru and about his character he said, "I thought he was the worst when he broke up with her by the seaside. Ma Ru isn't really a good guy. He's maybe 70% good and 30% bad but that's the only way you can approach it with a unique perspective."

He continued, "Many people are jealous because I get to have kiss scenes but it's really embarrassing but if someone like Chae Won approaches me in real life, I think I would say yes."-kdramastar

i can't see where's the difference between them and a real couple.. :)

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Erika Raymundo said...

Ayiieeeh!!! CHAEKI IS REAL :D