Monday, September 3, 2012

List of Winners of Seol International Drama Awards 2012

Grand Prize (Daesang): Deep-Rooted Tree
Excellent Korean Drama: Rooftop Prince
Outstanding Korean Drama: King 2 Hearts
Outstanding Korean Actor: Park Yoochun (Rooftop Prince)
Outstanding Korean Actress: Han Ji Min (Rooftop Prince)


Outstanding Korean OST: “Missing You Like Crazy” by Girls’ Generation Taeyeon (King 2 Hearts)
Best Actor: Jonas Nay (Home Video)
Best Actress: Christine Neubauer (Hanna’s Decision)
Best Director: Brian Kirk (Great Expectations)
Best Screenwriter: Sarah Phelps (Great Expectations)
Best Series Drama: The Princess’ Man
Excellent Series Drama: The Firm (USA)
People’s Choice: Park Yoochun, Nicky Wu (China), Wang Ding Ju (Taiwan)
Best Mini-series: Great Expectations (England)
Excellent Mini-series: Sherlock Series 2 (England)
Best TV Movie: Home Video (Germany)
Excellent TV Movie: Calm at Sea (France)
Most Popular Foreign Drama of the Year: Startling by Each Step (China)
Special Prize: Remembering (Philippines), The Bomber (Ukraine), Ezel (Turkey)

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