Saturday, June 16, 2012

A gentleman's Dignity OST

update ost


01. 가슴이 시린 게 - 이현(8eight)
02. High High - 김태우
03. 사랑...어떡하나요 - 양파
04. 아름다운 말 - 전근화(M시그널)
05. Everyday - 박은우
06. 널 보면 말이야 - 견우(M Signal)
07. You Are Everywhere - 빅베이비드라이버(Big Baby Driver)
08. Spring I Love You Best - 빅베이비드라이버(Big Baby Driver)
09. High High(Bossa Nova Story)
10. 가슴이 시린 게(Piano Ver.)
11. 사랑...어떡하나요(Inst.)
12.  OS love
13. You Are Everywhere(Guitar Story)
14. Everyday(Comic Story)
15. Smile(Feat.Jay Kim)

imagePART 2
Jeon Geun Hwa(M signal)

Kyun Woo(M Signal)

Download OST Part 2

01. 나보다 더 -장동건
02. 내사랑아-이종현
03. 아름다운 아픔 [2012 new vers]-김민종
04. Your sun is stupid-Big Baby driver
05. 나보다 더 inst
06. 내 사랑아 inst
07. 화있팅있게
08. 상상하는 걸로
09. 공격형 엉덩이
10. 지울수 없는 향기
11. Happy footstep
12. Crazy Time
13. 너는 어디서나
14. 그 사람 그 사랑
15. 오늘부터 연인

Part 3

My Heartache by Lee Hyun (Eight)

You are Everywhere by Big Baby Driver

Spring I Love You by Big Baby Driver

Part 4:

Yangpa - Love...What To Do? (yisoo theme song)
If You Come into my Heart by Jo Sung Mo(Jong Rok sing for his wife-ep 10)
Juniel illa illa(Meari theme song)


CN Blue- My Love
Part 6
Jang Dong Gun- More than me

Part 7

Download Kim Min Jong- Beautiful Pain
Rachel Yamagata - Saturday Morning


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what is the song a guy literally shouts in the beginning of the episode and also that is played in the radio in episode 15

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does anybody here know the song when Yi Soo was about to Do Jin's office to get the chocolates back.. it's on Episode 2, about 58 mins.. pleeeeease i really can't find it.. T°T the instrumentals for the song was used quite a few times like when Me Ahri was showing to Yoon the yellow jacket she tried on(episode 3); and when Do Jin was putting on the white cloth on Yi Soo on the red dress moment(episode 1); and when Me Ahri was filing up different cases to get close Yoon(episode 4).. please please pleeeeease T°T

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what is the song do jin alone in room?? ( episode 14 in time 27:02)

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