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Ending The Moon that embrace the sun from Novel

Next week,will be last episode of the moon that embrace the sun,so i get excited to know the ending.And finally found novel translation from chapter 47  The moon that embrace the sun.

Chapter 47

Both lovers are finally together, the palace is delivering the betrothal gift to Yeonwoo, and Yeonwoo's status has been restored as well. Yeonwoo's mum brought the messenger from the palace to deliver the item list of the betrothal gift to Yeonwoo in her room. "Please check the list" the messenger said. Yeonwoo opened the list, and is surprised to see a letter from Hwon, she smiled.

"When I woke up from my dreams, I waited for you. When I woke up from my dreams again, I waited for you again, knowing that the day when you and I will be together is not far away......"

The handwriting is very neat, just like how it used to be.

Yeonwoo replied Hwon's letter and sent the messenger back to the palace together with the betrothal gifts. All that is left now is Yeonwoo and her mum in their room. Her mum expressed her feelings towards Yeonwoo, saying that she's going to miss Yeonwoo after she leaves for the palace. Yeonwoo comforted her mum by saying that their brother is still there to accompany their mother. Her mother also says that the participation of their brother's wife (Princess Min Hwa) in the tempted murder (I think tempted murder is the right word? After all Yeonwoo didn't die ) of Hwon's imperial concubine (Yeonwoo) 8 years ago had caused her to be demoted, but because she is pregnant, they are placing her under a house arrest as a lighter punishment.


After a long day, the two people finally stood together under the moon (I think this is the part where it becomes poetic, the moon and sun symbol). Hwon looked unhappy because there is alot of procedures and proper etiquette to follow, he believes their first night should be about relaxing and procrastinating. Yeonwoo chuckles. Hwon says are you laughing at me? She says no. They decided to drink some wine.
The two put a toast together and recounts the memories of when they first met. Hwon smiles and stares at Yeonwoo with her tender and beautiful lips. I think it's going to get a bit serious So he kisses her lips, then the neck and trying to undress her but finds it difficult because of all those layers. Yeonwoo is shy and tells him to "Wait a minute." She gets and organizes her clothing. They talk (don't understand this part. Afterwards, they kiss again and declared that they loved each other. They embraced together in their sleep


Min Hwa gave birth to a baby boy. Not long after the baby's birth she was arrested by the palace guards, saying that she is to be banished. Then she receives a letter from Yeonwoo, saying that she has already forgiven her. Like usual, Hwon visited Yeonwoo at her hall. Yeonwoo dropped tears for Minhwa in fron't of Hwon, Hwon says that he will take care of Minhwa's case. Hwon hugged Yeonwoo's waist and kissed her, asking her that if she's been eating well lately, hinting that she ate too little during this period.

Hwon loves to dine with Yeonwoo, this time they're dining with the empress (Hwon's mother). The empress is very happy to see his son marry a good woman like Yeonwoo. In the midst of chatting about Joseon's financial outflow, Yeonwoo suddenly fainted. Hwon was terribly shocked. He was relieved when he finds out that the cause to Yeonwoo's fainting is pregnancy, both of them are delighted.

Hwon is already planning a education route for his soon-to-be-born baby, he decides to have someone to come into the palace to study with his kid next time (just like what they did last time by choosing Yeonwoo and Bokyeung as Princess Minhwa's playmate/study mate) and seems like he has chosen Heoyeom's (his elder brother) son.

translated by Bubilicious

It seem the happy ending its only for both of them..I hope Pd-nim will end the character of yang myung and bo kyung, sol  a little bit happy at least..because i heard the ending of prince yang myung will same as novel- he died in the novel -oh no :(

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Latest news.leak by production team- Sol is dying in order to protect Yeom- Like her name SOL(Snow) can't be together with Yeom(Fire).Sound like,the ending will same like novel.

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Anonymous said...

Às far as I know, the happy ending just for both of them only. Hwon's bro n bo kyung will died.

Anonymous said...

can i get the novel?is it in english or korean?what is the title of this novel?

LiSa said...

the novel is in korean
but some chapter being translated by fans

LiSa said...

the title of the novel is the moon that embrace the sun same as drama title

Anonymous said...

the final episode is tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

the final episode is tomorrow...