Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Best Korean Drama 2012

Hi everyone,
can believe it,half of the year is gone and so many great drama come out this year.
Let me list  some of the BEST DRAMA that you must watch..All drama listed here is only based on my opinion but you are welcome to add and comment about any drama that you think can be listed as best drama.
No 1  goes to:

A gentleman's Dignity:

 I love everything about this drama.Love the character,they so blend together,love their dailogue,their expressions.All four male leads look like they are having a blast filming together, and I think that must be an awesome experience to work together.This drama truly give impact to the Korean drama fans in many ways..

Nice Guy 

Every episode make you cry and smile ^^

Rooftop Prince

Posted Image

Funny and enjoyable.I'm laughing to death watching this series.Best time-travel drama so far. -Best Hallyu Actor and Actress, Excellent Drama Awards

King 2 Heart

Posted Image
Lee seung gi coming back to drama after two years taking break. Great combination with Han Ji won and again Han ji won make her drama memorable..
Epic scene- Fridge Kiss!
Outstanding Korean Drama
Winner of best Korean drama soundtrack -Seol International Awards 2012

Faith/ Great Doctor

Tq for love this drama- LMH

REPLY 1997

This drama totally amazing.Must watch drama.


Again soul swapping become the drama theme after Secret Garden.But this time between man and high school boy. If Coffee Prince make Gong Yoo have legacy of fans,Big will double it. Even though last episode is quite dissappointed but there lots of reason to love Big drama. Most important,i'm enjoyed watching this drama.   

Second drama in Flower Boy Project after Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. I love their song and bromance between them in the drama...

When i read the synopsis,i thought this drama was like Rooftop Prince but my prediction was wrong."Don't judge a book by its cover"..hehe.Rooftop Prince is a lot funnier, zanier, while Queen In Hyun's Man, though has some cute moments, merely focuses on the mysteries of the past, while affecting some lives of the present era. Queen In Hyun's Man is more dramatic, in a strict sense. 
Watching the drama,was really worth it. The cinematography is superb the OST is magnificent. This drama comes across as beautiful, inside and out. Tip toe kiss was especially meaningful in that it marked the start of their love that transcended time and space.
Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na dating

Posted Image

Yes, this is long series drama,even though it not get much attention like others drama,but yet the rating still remain number one since 1st episode.. At first,i'm hesitate to watch this drama  because the actor/actresses are not so famous,but i give a try and find this drama entertaining to watch. It about a girl who want marry an orphan man to avoid trouble with mother in laws. Morever,she want to focus to career and no planning for child.However,her wish does not come true,when her husband reunite with his family after 30 years. Now she has in-laws, mother in laws,sister in laws and getting baby - a whole package that she avoided before.

   Joo won shows his versatile acting in this drama. Most of the stunt action,he do it by himself.

Without romance and kiss scene so far, So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee steadily led the Ghost drama with crime investigation scene.

Arang and the Magistrate

This drama’s strengths lie in the funny and in the visuals—it’s a colorful, animated, visually-arresting world, and I love (love, love) that everything is told visually.It’s certainly enough to hook me, and I hope that the story follows suit.

May Queen

Moon and Embrace the sun

Missing You

Which one is your favourite korean drama this year?Share with us:)
Thank you for reading this entry.

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Anonymous said...

totally agree~:)
can't wait for the next ep of AGD..

Anonymous said...

I am presently watching LOVE RAIN,it is a good drama,you should watch it and add it to your list.

MissM said...

Right now, I'm watching Big and Bridal Mask and I'm looooving them !! ^^

Anonymous said...

I'm an American and I definitely can't speak a word of Korean:)), but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE K-dramas! I am very picky though, and right now I'm obsessed with A Gentleman's Dignity. Like you said, the chemistry between the four actors is superb and I love the main actress. Very refreshing that it took her so long to fall for the guy's charms even though he had my heart the very first episode:) Unfortunately I'm so used to watching dramas that have already aired and been subbed that it's really hard for me to wait for each episode and then for someone to sub them:(

Anonymous said...

Love Rain is really good, especially after episode 4. Cute, heartbreak, good chemistry, okay story, lovely scenery, adorable side characters (go, Dr. Lee!) I also like BIG. Some Kdrama phrases I like to use: "I'g going first" "Is that important?" "Listen carefully, I'm only going to say this once." I love the soul/body swapping kdramas like BIG, 49 Days, and Secret Garden. They incorporate a spirituality that is not a part of American culture and is intriguing. Obsessed to escape to kdrama fake real world - krazed!

Anonymous said...

I love italy/lee tae ri is the best , so funny and cute , in love with kibum <3

Dalma Inspirit said...

Rooftop Prince is the Best...becoz it's too funny and sad also

Anonymous said...

oh, Ojakkyo Brothers isnt in ur list...

LiSa said...

Ojakgyo Brothers- i'm considered it as 2011 best korean drama because its started airing last year
you can check it out here

Anonymous said...

oh.my.god you guys HAVE TO watch queen in hyun's man. IT'S AMAZING. NO JOKE. im watching the last episode and im really sad coz it's already the end but IT NEEDS TO HAVE A HAPPY ENDING >:

Anonymous said...

I'm currently watching some of this drama and I'll say my number one is gentleman's dignity and my number two is my husband got a family...then three is God's Quiz from 1-3 my number four is ghost

Anonymous said...

my favorite drama so far this year was "big".. though like every other fan i was disappointed by the ending(bcoz i liked with shin won ho n would have loved to see him) but apart from that the cast was great..n it was funny n really sweet..
i also liked "love rain.. simply bcoz i love jang geun suk... n for the record.. after park shin hye.. yoona looks good with him too

Anonymous said...

Bridal maskkkkkmis awsome... the best i just love ittttt a lottttmcant wait till next episode i totally recommended is awsssssssssomeeeee... sad but awssmeeeee

Anonymous said...

i currently have done watching rooftop prince! seriously, this is the best drama of 2012! i used to love this drama because the sad moment and the funny moment divide equally¬¬ when the funny moment come out, i am laughing to death.. same goes to sad moment, i am crying really hard! yoochun work really hard on this because you can easily tell which one is lee rak or tae yong! the story line is also good! ^____________^ rooftop prince daebak! i hope yoochun grow well being an actor.. and now i am officially the fan of him!

chika said...

i think 2012 had released so many interesting and the best drama..

1. king to heart (the best, i've watched it 8 times)
2. the moon embraced the sun (the most romantic love story ever)
3. rooftop prince (really unexpected storyline)

others unforgettable drama that i really2 love,
- dream high
- god of study
- iris
- sunkyunkwan scandal
- midas
- city hunter
- a man called god

i guess i'm fan of a complicated story :)

Dewi said...

I must agree your first choice :D
AGD is totally awesome,and I really like the way they end that drama in happy ending for all of them :D.

the second is Rooftop Prince of course (they remind me to power rangers), such a great time travel story (still thinking of the ending :)
BIG is good and I'm currently watching Heundae Lover, must on on the list before the end of this year. :)

Anonymous said...

i looove "faith". I watched the first 4 episodes, even though there might not be any epic scenes , the story line is great.i wish there would be a little bit romance between the leading actors

Anonymous said...

I am not korean but I really love korean dramas especially Queen In-Hyuns Man ^-^ . After watching the first episode I cannot stop watching it. I always stay up all night to watch them. Now I am learning how to speak korean so that I won't need the sub titles. <3

ALEC said...

Love Rain is a great drama too i really love it. Why not on your list?

Anonymous said...

Nobody mention Ghost but I think that is an very good drama

LiSa said...

love rain indeed a great drama.last time i put love rain in my list and my blog become target for those anti love rain..they put so many harsh comment about love rain.
so,i decided to remove love rain to maintain my blog peace and harmony..
sorry love rain's fan!

Joshua Tong said...

can anyone tell me what drama and who s the girl in the heading picture uses in this blog, I really want to know thank you

LiSa said...

joshua: that girl name yoon ji yi and she was in the drama a gentleman's dignity

Anonymous said...

yeah, i agree!! a gentleman's dignity is number one!!!

Ra's Point said...

Love AGD so much!!!!

just as you said, I Love everything about this drama!!!
Evenmore, I think this is the best K-drama I've ever wathced

There are no "bored feeling" watching it
And I Love the soundtracks too.. they're awesome

Anonymous said...

Hi I am just confused.. Is Lee Min Ho of City Hunter the same person as Lee Min Ho in Rooftop Prince?

LiSa said...

lee min ho from city hunter drama is different person from lee min ho in rooftop prince
lee min ho city hunter/BOF currently acting in great doctor
they only share same name

Anonymous said...

Five Fingers is an amazing dramas too it should be on the top 3

Anonymous said...

Reply 1997 is the best drama I ever watched so far.Nice story and very good acting! Thumbs up for Reply 1997!!

LiSa said...

yup i agree REPLY 1997 IS MUST WATCHING DRAMA :)

Anonymous said...

You guys should watch "Love Rain"....its a must movie yoo

Ayuni said...


Just Poetry said...

FAITH aired its last episode .... it is a total blast... right from the first episode this drama hooked me completely..... gonna miss this drama..... awesum characterization story is veryyy interesting hold suspense till the very last moments ... you cant predict watsgoing to happen ... this is the best about this drama that it is not boring..... although there was no intro above on this drama but it is worth your time just watch 1st epi and see :)

Anonymous said...

YEES!! Died with Faith....;))
and Full House Take 2 is very nice too

Chicismicis said...

THankx for all these informations! Just spent The night Watching s.scandal! Am ep 17 and this drama is being on my fav korean drama ever!
Those dramas made me fall in luv with The korean culture an am seriously thinking bout learning this language too! This is Crazy :)

Ps: i love ur blog u Have such interesting posts!


Anonymous said...

i really like the historical drama of lee min ho entitled 'faith' i really like this drama.

Anonymous said...

I already watch most of the K drama posted..AGD is the BEST, the best among the best..

Anonymous said...

Wat da hell s love rain. I watched few ep bt it's really boring. Queen in hyuns man, nice guy should b da top one's

Anonymous said...

1 - Nice Guy (romantic melodrama)
2 - Rooftop Prince (comedy)
3 - Faith (thumbs up)
4 - The Moon Embraces The Sun (romantic)
I had watched the above k-drama for 2x,very entertaining.Highly recommended.

Gamboomerang said...

I love 1. The Greatest love
2. Rooftop prince
3. Boys over flowers
4. Dream High part 1
5. A gentlemen's dignity

Kassandra said...

I used to like recibe your comments about dramas but some people are very rude and impolite sorry for this blog

Anonymous said...

so far ,ahh Roof top , who didn't love Mickey, he is so funny,so cute and handsome in this drama, totally blown me away,Ghost is my fav too, the twist and turn of the drama driving me nuts, but I expect to see more of Choi Daniel, he such a handsome guy why killed him off so early,Big is ok I think the girl and the guy lack of chemistry to each other,Gentlement dinity is so funny but I didn't find my curiousity enough as I wait for Bridal mask, Joo Won is outstanding in this drama, I didn't connect with Faith, the story is lack of something, and all the actor and actress in there are so...weird, like they only read the scripts,Love rain are so relax, so lovely when 2 young peoples are in love ,but is this too early to decide because I miss you just air only few episode,I guess this drama will be another hit because of the 3 powerful actor and actress, I didn't like the stories from the beginning too much, can't bear to watch it, ...That is my opinion..:)

aMhEe aLadi said...

Agree on Moon embracing the Sun !!!
Love it .
i love to recommend sungKyungKwan Scandal ! :)

Anonymous said...

SungKyungKwan Scandal !

Anonymous said...

I love the King of Dramas :)) you guys should take a look at this drama :))

Pencinta Allah said...

recently , i've watched nice guy and queen in hyun's man , and the drama totally daebak . highly recommend these two dramas . hihi :D

peiexo said...

My fav drama this year is ice adonis/yellow boots.It is really daebak!

deshi yin said...

Queen Inhyun man and mr.nice guy both really captivate me!

Anonymous said...

i very like drama Queen In Hyun Man

Anonymous said...

I really liked watching moon that embrace the sun it was really romantic and the actors acted really well. I didn't really like Love rain that much because it was really sad. I am presently watching "I miss you" it has a really great story line it just hooks you in right from the beginning.

Out of all the korean drama's that I've watched this year I would defiantly give my vote to Big it had every thing a drama needs..such as romance, comedy, sadness, friendship, betrayal etc..


Anonymous said...

Rooftop Prince for humour, Faith for action, Arang & Magistrate for Minah, King 2 Hearts for story....rest are to be seen yet

yasmeen said...

loved school 2013 , not like any other drama and love the fact that it's not a love story but about two friends, I cried in this drama more than I cried in all the korean dramas I've watched.

Anonymous said...

Roof top prince is the best drama of 2012 ^^

Anonymous said...

All those drama can download here http://kdwes.org/

Anonymous said...

All those drama can download here http://kdwes.org/

Mary said...

Is "Princess Man" a nice drama too? Heard many good comments about it.

LiSa said...

yes,Princess Man indeed one of the best drama in 2011.
you can check in my post.its got many good feedback

dru said...

My favorites are Nice Guy and Bridal Mask, each episode just simply surprises you.

jay said...

rooftop prince always in my heart

Anonymous said...

u must see "to the beautiful you",,,"playful kiss",,,"color of a woman",,,"the innocent man" and "my princess",,,,the stories are super duper awesome,,,i've watched them many times n don't feel bored at all,,,i suggest that u use this website,,,

Anonymous said...

love rain the best <3.. super like ^_^

Anonymous said...

I totally love nice guy and the princess man. Their acting were superb ! And yeah AGD is good too. But love rain is suckkksss. The early ep were ok but then,,,,,,seriously yoona should learn
how to act

irene said...

1. moon embracing the sun
2. rooftop prince
3. to the beautiful you
4. gentleman's dignity
5. I do I do
6. missing you
7. sungkyungwan scandal

Anonymous said...

I love drama reply 1997 ..I mean there kisses are real good.and the story was also really good

Anonymous said...

for me gentleman dignity are the best drama..it is a must watch drama..

Jimmy said...

OMG this blog is just just too AWESOME!

im trying to find some korean drama to do review for a sch project and this is the place!

could you also help by supporting us >.< pretty please with a cherry on top?
kamsahamnida !

Anonymous said...

I go for the nice guy.. ^^ Totally amazing love story. Giving more focus on "sacrifice". ^^ Well, that's real love. ^^

Anonymous said...

I really love AGD
It different than other Kdramas
Never know kim ha neul until I watch her on AGD and found out that she actually the same actress on movie BLIND and MY GIRLFRIEND IS AN AGENT, which is so good and awesome. LOVE U KIM HA NEUL...