Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spoiler: what wil happen between lee hwon and bo kyung's night?

A man is making a prayer while seated. He is alone, nobody else is around him. He wrote some unrecognizable characters on a piece of white paper using a blue ink, then proceeded by lighting up a candle and burned the paper before the ink could dry. At this very moment, Hwon felt a sharp pain in his chest and fell onto the floor. Startled, Bokyung shouted at the servants for help. When the servants came into the room, Hwon is already unconscious. His face was pale white and his lips turned purplish blue, the servants quickly brought him back to his hall. Upon arriving at Hwon's hall, he was no longer unconscious. Seeing Hwon at this condition, Woon exclaimed, asking that what had caused the king to become like this. The servants answered with a trembling voice, saying that the king just fell sick suddenly during the consummation.

The 3 professors arrive shortly, desperately asking the king of his current condition. Hwon said that he is alright, he thought that he was going to die just now, and this time he is really not pretending to be sick. The doctor checked the king's pulse. While everyone else in the room noticed that something is different about Woon expression, they're not sure what that expression means, but Hwon knows --- Woon is nervous.

Then, a professor beside Hwon spoke: "When the bell (the one that rings every time when Hwon is going to sleep) rung, there was a murderous aura that came from nowhere....."

i'm happy nothing happen.hehe


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