Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Korean Movies 2012

List of Korean Movies of 2012.
  1. Wonderful Radio- January
  2. Never Ending Story- January
  3. Love Fiction
  4. Dancing Queen ( Box Office)
  5. Intoduction to Architecture -Box Office)
  6. Gabi- March
  7. Over the dead Body - March
  8. All about my wife- May  (Box Office)
  9. Korea- Ha Ji won's film - May
  10. Detective Cha  May
  11. Shadow of love - Kwang sang woo
  12. Miss Conspirator - June
  13. The Thieves - July  Thieves 2   Box office (more than 12 millions)
  14. R2B: Return to base - August: Rain action movies   (Box office)
  15. Nameless Gangster( Box Office)
  16. The Grand Heist- Cha Tae Hyun  August  (Box office) near to 5 millions
  17. Most Searched- The Traffickers   August  (Box office)
  18. 90 Minutes( August)
  19. Masquerade - Lee Byun Hun  September Box office
  20.  A company man - So Ji Sub       October
  21. A Werewolf Boy - Song Joong Ki  October  Box office
  22. Jackal is coming - Jaejoong and Song Ji Hyo    November
  23.  I am a Muderer - Park shi Hoo   November Box Office
  24. 26 years  Box office
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