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King 2 Heart


Date of airing : 14th March 2012

Time of airing : 9:55 pm (korean time)

Writer : 홍진아 Hong Jin Ah

Director: 이재규 Lee Jae Gyu

Production company : Kim Jong Hak Productions

Eps: 20

Main Cast : Ha Ji Won, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Yoon Ji, Cho Jung Seok

Supporting Cast : Lee Soon Jae, Yoon Yeo Jung

Story : The King of south korea marries the daughter of an influential family from the north korea through an arranged marriage. As both of them slowly falls in love with each other despite of clashing and fighting at first, they finds themselves once again at the mercy of the political factors which had brought them together at first but now wants them to be apart.

character of drama/ Main casts:

김항아 (북한 특수부대 교관)

Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won) 
Although she is an elite beautiful officer who comes from an influential family from the north Korea but couldn't get married even when she is already thirty because of her fiery hot temper. She entered the WOC event to catch the eye of the man that she has a crush on but ended crossing paths with the south Korea's playboy crown Prince Lee Jae Ha and even ended up being engaged to him.She looks at him with sympathy after the death of his beloved brother and becomes determined bring down the man who is responsible for creating fractions between the two sides of Korea together with the Crown Prince that she once dislike. 

이재하 (대한민국 왕제)

Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi)
Although he has an IQ of 187, he often covers up it by pretending to be "stupid" while leaving all the arrangements in his life to his "Straight A" prefect brother. Although he always states that the royal family is only for show in the modern times, he had led a comfortable life without much worries nor much to think about until he met Kim Hang Ah and Kim Bong Goo. And with the death of his brother at the hands of Kim Bong Goo, he becomes a King who walks on the path of revenge. A battle of wits and power struggle has started between the newly crowned King and the enemy who desires to be the king. 

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Lee Jae Shin (Lee Yoon Ji)
The free-spirited tomboy pretty princess who rather be singing uncover in a nightclub than living a life of pretending to be a perfect Princess of the nation. She reveals her inborn stubbornness and marched on bravely upon the death of her brother.

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Eun Si Kyung (Cho Jung Seok)
He lives by the rules that he has to follow everything that his father said/orders throughout his life until his beliefs are shaken by the two persons that he is supposed to be protect.The princess and the Crown Prince brought changes in his life and he is left with more questions about his way of living when his world starts crumbling down even more when he thought the person who will be sticking to his beliefs all his life started to change as well.

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Kim Bong Goo / John Mayer (Yoon Je Moon)
He is a south Korean who was adopted to America, he holds a bitter hate towards his birth country and the royal family after he was deprived of his happy childhood after being sent away. As the President of Club M who holds strong political and military power behind the scenes, he runs for the Presidential post of south Korea but clashes with Lee Jae Ha and his brother.

translated by soompi

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Han Ji won as north korea student

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credit: (image) lsgairenint, dclsg, baidu tieba (eng translation)

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