Monday, November 21, 2011

Ojakgyo brothers preview episode 33

credit to sierralainewalsh

Text preview Ojakgyo brothers ep 33
Soo Young's mother want to get new manager and make TP quit.But this make SY's aunt get angry.
TH apologize to his grandmother for behaving rudely to her and gets her to come out for dinner and finally the family  are happy when grandmother came out.Meanwhile,KJ is proposing to JE to go out with him.
JE is sursprise when she heard this.
KJ: i'm thinking of applying for insurance but in return you have accept one condition!
JE: what it is?
KJ: you have to go out with me 20 times
JE: Why?
KJ: I like you

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annisa said...

i love this drama soooo much...
thanks for preview:)