Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Korean Movie: Many a Little Romance

Name: Many a little romance/ Penny Pincher
Genre: Melodrama/Romance
Duration: 114 minute
Cast: Song Joong Ki, Han Ye Seul

Many a Little Romance’ is a movie about ‘Hongshil’, a woman who’s so stingy that she purposely doesn’t date to save money, meeting and falling in love with ‘Jiwoong’, a man with no job that wants to date, but doesn’t have the money to. The movie hits theaters on November 10th.

In this unemployment crisis, a real stingy girl and a boasting boy start a project to make 200 million won. It is written by rookie director Kim Jeong-hwan-I and chosen movie in 2010 planning development.

Press Conference:

OST by V.A

Song Joong Ki States That Han Ye Seul Is the Most Beautiful Actress in Korea


@FazliiinOmar@ said...

Are you able to upload the whole movie here?? Wanting to watch it for so long :(

LiSa said...

i'm sorry
i didn't have full version of this movie