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Recap Heartstring ep 10

The next day…
Shin : How’s your injury?

KW : I’m fine. Will make a trip to the hospital then head for school later.

Shin lifts up his hand and KW mistakenly thought that he wants to hold her hand and realizing that wan’t the case, she felt embarrassed. This scene is really cute. Instead, Shin says…

Shin : Pass me your backpack

KW : Where’s your bicycle?

Shin : You’re unwell so I didn’t ride today….

As they were walking on the streets…their hands kept brushing against each other.

Shin : If our hands keep hitting against each other, they will be painful. To ensure that this will not happen, there is no other choice…..

Then, he starts holding her hand.

 At baskin robbin:

Shin and KW were spotted by the trio when they were having their first date at the ice-cream parlour.

Trio : Who did you see? LeeKyu Won? Lee Shin?

Shin : Don’t turn around…just concentrate on eating your ice-cream.

KW : What did you just say?

Shin keeps quiet but appears to be kinda nervous

KW : What does the flavor of your ice-cream taste like?

Shin : The usual….typical ice-cream taste…

The trio soon left upon seeing that Shin and KW were not behaving intimately with each other….and comforted themselves saying that Shin can’t be together with KW…they are just pretending/acting in front of us…

Shin mumbles to himself : They’ve finally left…

KW : Who is that?

Shin : Sometimes it’s better not to be in the know and it’s better to keep it under wraps as this may hurt you. (Hinting the trio will not let KW off so easily if they know she’s together with Shin) Both you and I will be troubled because of this….

KW (sarcastically) : You seem so troubled. Is it because you don’t want anyone to see us together in the public?

Shin : Kyu Won, why do you say that? Did I say something to upset you?

KW : Yeah, you’ve already expressed and told me you don’t like it. Now that we’re together in a relationship, it must have been really hard on you.

Shin : Ah….it shouldn’t turn out this way (I think cos it’s their first date, he’s hoping they will be able to spend more time with each other and not end up bickering).

KW : I know you just don’t want people to see us together….

KW then leaves the ice-cream place and Shin is seen following closely behind her. They bump into Bo Won as they stepped out of baskin robbins. KW then decides to walk together with Bo Won, leaving an exasperated Shin behind.

Shin : Kyu Won, where did you go?

KW : Just got reprimanded by the director.

Director’s friend bumped into them.

Director’s friend : Are you both going somewhere together?

KW : No, we aren’t . We’re just having a lesson on traditional music together.

Director’s friend : Alright…you guys go ahead….

Shin : Are you free now?

KW : Go ahead and say what you want…

Just when Shin was going to talk, Bo won comes along and pulls KW away.

A frustrated Shin then looks on as KW walks away from him. He then thought to him and started smiling secretly. He’s going to find a way to be close to KW by dropping by her place on the pretext that he wants to find out more about traditional music from Grandpa…

At KW’s house….

Grandpa was seen rattling on and sharing his life experiences with Shin

Just then KW also came home together with BW.

KW : Grandpa, I’m home.

BW : Why is Lee Shin also here?

Grandpa : He’s curious and wants to find out more about traditional music.

BW added : Yeah, he wants to learn more from Grandpa so that’s why he’s here.

BW : Grandpa, KW has bought a set of “Couple T-shirts” for herself and you.

(Heehee… we all know the blue shirt was meant for Shin and he kinda knows it too and was seen smiling to himself.

The next scene….
Finally, the couple is able to share some quiet moments together….

Shin : The “Couple T-shirt” that Grandpa was wearing is actually meant for me right so that we can wear the shirts together.

KW : No, it isn’t…

Shin…That’s a relief to know because it’s not my style.

They then went for a walk at the park and sat down on a bench.

They were listening to the music which Shin has composed as he wanted her opinion on this.

Shin : How do you find this piece? Just typical?

KW : It’s a wonderful piece of music.

Shin Really?

KW : Yeah, really, the part I was listening to just now, I really like it….You’ve met a great teacher.

Shin : Do you feel disappointed because although you weren’t selected as the lead actress for the musical, you have to turn up for all the practice sessions.

KW : I’m fine for it’s just until the musical is over. Moreover, it’s also because of ou that I want to give it a try and try to challenge myself to sing, to dance and do these refreshing things I’ve never done before. I do have you to thank for it.

Shin : Don’t just stare at my face…concentrate on listening to the music.

KW : Since when did you see me looking your way.

Shin : You mean you aren’t.

KW : No…

A tired BW complained to Kyu Won as her legs were really aching listening to Grandpa ranting continuously about his glorified days in the traditional music scene. This was a “plot” devised by Shin so that he can spend more time with KW and hence told BW that it’ll be fun to spend time hearing more about Grandpa’s past stories.

BW : Lee Shin, how can he push this “task” to me? (implying entertaining Grandpa by listening to his tales)

KW : Why do you say this? You don’t enjoy listening to his stories?

BW : Anyway, I’m leaving now.

KW : Do take care and I’m sorry about this.

The next day…Shin picks KW up on his bicycle and he’s also prepared a cushion cover for the seat (How sweet of him).

He asks KW to hold on tightly to him in case she falls off from the bike.

In school….

Shin was seen grabbing and trying to hold KW’s hand.

KW : What if they see us holding hands together, I don’t want to end up getting myself into more trouble.

People on the campus were seen looking on and buzzing among themselves…

“Are they really Lee Shin and LKW? Why are they holding hands together” Lee Shin and LKW are holding hands together???!!!”

At the practice room where the Windflower’s were gathered…

BW : Ah…you and Lee Shin are now involved in a relationship? My poor heart…no wonder he treated me that way yesterday.

Generally, the girls are happy that she and Shin are now a couple. (Yeah, that’s what good friends are for!)

The next scene

Yoon Su : Are you busy?

Suk Hyun : What’s happening on the campus? There seem to be some great commotion going on.

Yoon Su : LS and LKW are now a couple and they have just started going out together.

Suk Hyun : What? It’s not the time for LKW to be involved in a relationship now. (Hmm...I think he's upset that she and Shin are now a couple as he's probably feeling "jealous).

YS : Why is that not possible? Anyway, she’s just a reserve for the lead actress.

SH : Still anyway, she needs to attend all the practice sessions.

The next scene…

In the practice room of the Stupid band, Shin was seen teaching KW how to play the guitar.

Shin was puzzled why has KW tied her short hair back in a ponytail and has also secured her hair with many pins.

Poor KW said : I’ve to tie up my hair…when I walk around on the campus, the “deadly stares” of the female students are really terrifying as if looks can kill! (She’s afraid that they will really tug at her hair and pull it out)

Shin : Don’t worry, I’ll be here beside you. Just ignore those people…

Shin was about to lean forward and seem like he wanted to kiss KW when Bo Won interrupts them again. (Hmm...much as I do like BW, why does she always have to turn up at the wrong time?)

It seems like the Chairman’s wife has invited a group of important guests to watch them rehearse so they are required to stage a short performance. As a tired HJ had fallen asleep on MH’s lap, she was unable to make it to the performance. Hence, Suk Hyun told KW to stand in for her.

Ki Young and KW were seen together in the make-up room.

KW : Oppa, are you nervous?

KY : Yes, I am

KW then tries to calm KY down by placing her hands over his, providing him with a sense of warmth.

It was at this moment when Shin enters the room. KY and Shin smile at each other.

KY assures KW : No problem, I’m fine now. I feel much better. Thank you.

Shin : No problem? What does it mean?

KW : No, there is a problem. If KY flees from the performance again, that would be the end of the performance. I don’t know if I’ll be able to play the role of the lead actress well enough.

Shin (comforts her with these words) : When I’m performing on the stage, sometimes I’ll feel nervous and will have jitters too.

KW : Really? You feel this way too?

Shin then places both his hands on KW's face as his way of assuring her that everything will turn out fine.

Both KY and KW sung really well. Their short performance turned out to be a great success and the audience were impressed and applauded loudly for the cast members.

The next scene….a jealous Shin can be seen…

Suk Hyun : LKW, Well done! (Turns to KY) You’ve also done a wonderful job in there!

KY : Yes, it’s all thanks to KW.

Suk Hyun then moves forward and starts to ruffle KW’s hair.

This was when Shin decided to interfere and pulls Suk Hyun’s hands away.

Shin : She’s not a kid…(then turns to KW, saying) “Come, let’s leave together”

Shin then grabs her hand and they walk away.
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KY to SH : Lee Shin seems to like KW a lot….

Shin and KW were seen walking together.

This was when they spotted the trio setting up a booth asking people to cast their votes whether they feel LS and KW are a compatible match or they should just break up. This really upset KW and Shin can’t really comprehend why she’s so upset. KW was seen walking away.

The windflowers walked past Shin and Bo Won spoke to him….

BW : There’s a reason why KW is so upset…

Shin : What’s the reason?

BW : It’s because you’re so popular and good-looking and that’s the reason why KW feels inferior and insecure about herself as her pride is affected.

BW can’t tolerate this anymore and wanted to charge forward probably to tear the trio’s booth down.

BW : I want to show them my true colours.

Shin : Wait up! I’ll go instead.

He approaches the trio’s booth and said…

Shin : I’ll just say this once…get out of my sight!
The final scenes...

In front of KW’s house where Shin was seen waiting for her.

Grandpa stepped out of the house.

GP : Oh, are you here to listen to more lessons on traditional music?

Shin : No, I’ve a part time job to attend to later in the evening.

GP : Oh, KW is still in school.

The next scene…

Shin and his sis were having a conversation in his room.

Sis : Oppa, You and KW are really together? Is that true? It’s so ridiculous!

Shin : Why is that so ridiculous? I don’t see why you should say she’s not good or inferior in anyway. You should just reflect on yourself, don’t even think about bullying her (Haha…he’s really possessive over her….)

Sis : Okay, being in a relationship together with her is fine…about kissing her, don’t even think about it!

The next scene…

KW was in her room and she was waiting for Shin to message her.

Shin’s message : “About just now…I’m really sorry. Come and watch me perform at the Catharsis tonight. LKW…don’t let Bo Won tag along.

At the Catharsis, when spotted KW, he began to sing the ballad, :”Because I miss you” and of course, we all know this song was especially dedicated to her.
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Then, he motions for her to come forward to the stage. He went down on his knees
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 and leaned forward to give her a light kiss on her lips…

Translation by peaches_2280

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