Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Heartstring OST: Comfort song by Jung Yong Hwa

Comfort song Mp3: Download comfort song acoustic ballad
                                   Jung Yong Hwa-give me a smile(comfort song)
                                   clear version comfort song 

Eng Translation Lyric Comfort song:

Give me a smile, Don’t be sad
It’s going to be alright. Don’t shed a tear
The song that I am singing now
I hope that it can bring you a bit of comfort

Give me a smile, Don’t get hurt
It’s going to be alright, although you are going through a hard time now
Time will pass
Everything will look up again

Give me a smile
I am right here by your side
I love you, can you hear my heart?
Close your eyes

No matter what, I believe you
I am always here for you

Give me a smile, look into my eyes
I love you, I have always been looking at your heart
It has never changed
You can lean on my shoulders
Take a rest,
Give me a smile.

I am here for you,
me who believes in you
always and forever.

Eng Lyrics translation credit:
Park Shin Hye International Fanclub

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