Saturday, August 6, 2011

Park Shin Hye's clothes in Heartstrings

Previously, I already shared  Heartstring's fashion, including Gyu won's back pack and Jung Yong Hwa clothes in Heartstring

Did you noticed Gyu won/ Park Shin Hye never wear jeans and pants in Heartstrings?

Let look back Gyu Won outfit:
It almost same style throughout all the episodes

episod 1

 blue dress
Fred Perry
credit to Baidu
green cardigan with shirt and blue skirt

shirt,red cardigan and 3/4 skirt

Posted Image
she looks stunning in this picture
Posted Image

episode 13

lovely dress

blue dress ep 15

What do you thinks?


Anonymous said...

...maybe because she lives with her "traditional" grandfather.
...maybe they want her character to be frumpy in the beginning and evolve as the episodes go...

LiSa said...

ya, may be

her fashion look conservatives in this drama

Anonymous said...

I'm speculating here... maybe she has some cuts and bruises from her car accident. Though a pair of jeans can hide them, they will be constricting and could hinder healing. I just thought that because in earlier episodes, (Ep 6) she wore a short skort.

♥Lois said...

i dont like it.. it makes her look old. but im a diehard fan wtsoever :D

Anonymous said...

can you help me..
i was wondering if you could tell me the dress that park shin hye wears during the scene she was kissing lee shin in the club..i wanted to know what is the brand of the dress, the price and the name of the shop who sell it?? i really love the dress...thank you..

joyce_0289 said...

i've been thinking why she's wearing long skirts this past episodes..but before she usually wore skirts above the knee ..hmm ?..

is it about she has scars due to her car accident ..maybe she plays a conservative role but why the sudden change of outfit.

Lil said...

I quite like it (apart from some of the jersey printed ones). 3/4 maxis are the current trend in the UK :)

LiSa said...

i love her dress in episode 13
the black and white

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy these products? and in what price in Peso please. I live here in the philippines.! Thanks you!

LiSa said...

i'm sorry because i forget the link about shin hye clothes
but you can try this link
they sell clothes inspired by heartstring

puku said...

i just love her clothes n i so wanted the photos thank u :)

Rosalee said...

I'm trying to find this shirt that Lee Jeonghyun (Lee Shin's little sister)wears here anyone knows please email me

Anonymous said...

I like her long maxi skirts and dresses, Maxi clothes are very trendy right now :)it looks more elegant and classy than a short skirt.

Mady June said...

I love her fashion style in this drama. Since most of the actress only wear short skirts and shorts nowadays, it really set her apart from them and make her look more attractive.

jiwon han said...

I love her dresses in this drama i hope i can be as slim as her so that i can wear those dress too