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City Hunter: Lee Min Ho Interview

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Lee Min Ho Interview

07:51 Hello, I'm LMH who plays the role of Lee Yoon Sung. I will be starting the Power Interview not as LYS but more comfortably as LMH, along with my greetings to you. Let's start.

1:00 Reporter: Hello!!

LMH: how are you?

Reporter: what are you doing?

LMH: i'm doing a CF shoot during this hot summer .... (can't hear the rest)

Words on screen says a photoshoot for fall & winter clothing.

R: you're really good looking.

LMH: No.. I've been staying up for a couple of nights and I have dark circles under my eyes.

R: I assume you are very tired?

LMH: I feel like dying.

R: how many hours did you sleep?

LMH: I did not sleep for 3 days (almost). I only get to rest a while when i'm being transported around in the car. Since I have to do different types of things under this state, it feels more difficult.

R: Therefore, I've prepared a present for you.

1:34 R: Of course. Seeing you're so tired, I've prepared this for you.

1:36 R: This is the first time i prepared a present for Power Interview!

1:39 Text: Girlfriend legs cushion.

1:43 Text: I'll sleep well.

1:46 Text: I haven't slept on a girl's legs.

I think the reporter is saying it's similar to her legs

1:53 LMH: the color is different. (comparing the cushion to the reporter's legs)

2:10 Text: LMH alone is experiencing winter.

2:19 LMH: actually i still feel uncomfortable taking photos.

R: why?

LMH: since i'm originally an actor, when i'm naturally acting and moving about, the pictures will appear to turn out well. but when i feel i have to do this (take pictures), it will become more awkward.

R: But even when you were a newbie, you didn't seem to be that way. You looked cool..

MH: in a more exaggerated fashion

R: how did it feel like initially?

MH: I would twist my body. it looked very weird.

2:53 Voiceover: He had to wreck his brains when he just started out, it really looks awkward.

However, now it's become this way. What is the magic behind looking so natural?

3:03 R: Do you know of the very famous picture nowadays?

LMH: what is it?

Text: Photoshopped pictures that circulated amongst netizens

3:18: When it is photoshopped this way, the running posture looks very natural.

R: you really ran very hard.

LMH: however, my stamina only holds out for 30 meters.

I can run very fast for 30 meters, but not beyond that distance.

3:46 Those who saw the accident at the site said it was a miracle.

R: how is your body now?

LMH: i'm ok now. Now the weather is extremely damp, so my waist is still painful. I think I will have to go to the hospital after the drama ends.

4:04 Text: picture that shows LMH's personal connections.

4:14 R: was it really awkward?

LMH: No, it wasn't. Just that we weren't close. we talked about this and that, a lot of things.

R: Did Lee Hyo Ri give you any advice as a sunbae?

LMH: we weren't close enough for that.

Text: next time, will look forward to a good relation

R: If you're too close, that would lead to a scandal

LMH: During BOF time, all the girls that I formerly knew and were close to resulted in scandals.....when one of the scandals emerged, i said, if you see things this way, then there are many actresses that can possibly be involved in a scandal with me, since all of us are close. Up to now, I still remember the expression on the reporter's face. He/she was extremely excited, telling me to name all of them. So i told him/her and ended up in a scandal with all of them.

5:21 R: I want to talk a bit about City Hunter. What was the most difficult scene for you?

MH: I stayed up for 4 nights and was filming an action scene in the morning at 10am. It's a fighting scene with Sang Gook.

Voiceover: This is the scene.

5:42 R: What were you thinking when you were fighting?

LMH: I really wanted to hit (someone). After staying up for the first night, i felt tired and bad. After the second night, i felt dizzy. After the 3rd night, I started getting irritated at every thing.

(can't catch what the reporter said)

LMH: It's ok. It's perfect. That's the last one.

R: after the 4th night?

LMH: After the 4th night, I felt i've finally reached the stage of relief. I didn't feel irritated anymore. I was simply in a daze.

R: nothing crossed your mind?

LMH: yeah.

R: I heard you filmed a lot of action scenes.

LMH: For action scenes, the stunt double (professional stunt actor) will first try it out. After making sure it's safe, I'll also try out. I think I probably did 80% of the action scenes on my own.

6:40 R: Which action scene do u remember the most?

LMH: The action scene that used the spoon. It's a sequence I had already learnt when I was training for the drama so I can do it even with my eyes closed.

6:56 LMH: This? I think it's possible even with this. Originally it wasn't supposed to be a spoon, but a sequence carried out using a knife/sword. Since I can't use a sword in the drama, so it was changed into a spoon.

7:10 Text: City Hunter's ending?

LMH: It will be a great reversal and the punishment will be shocking. It's not something one can easily guess.

R: What is City Hunter to you?

LMH: Because of City Hunter, I think I did not merely mature by a step, but a few steps. After this drama ends, I think I will become a better Lee Min Ho as an actor.

Lastly his greeting to the audience.

LMH: The weather's hot so be careful not to get a sunstroke. Please show your love for City Hunter which will air after Night of TV Entertainment. I wish you happiness always. Thank you.

Lee Min Ho : Behind the Scene
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