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Best Korean Actor

Here are the top ten best Korean drama actors that are currently popular. With charming smiles, stylish hair and swagger, these guys are being plastered on the walls of thousands. From portraying ancient Korean characters to modern drama-filled Romeos, the window of opportunities is endless. Here are some of the top Korean drama actors to keep your eyes out for.

1. Jang Dong Gun
Even though he was recently stolen away from us by the annoyingly beautiful actress Ko So-Young, the recently married flame has been sizzling up screens for over a decade. The actor made his drama debut in a show entitled "Heaven". Since then, he has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies. The award winning actor most recently played the respectable role of a single Mr President in the 2010 flick, "Good Morning Mr President." He first leaped into our hearts with his breakout role in the 1994 drama "The Final Jump" and the 2000 movie "Friends" established him as truly 'watchable'.Now,he is on the top high paid list actor. Now back to small screesn with A gentleman's Dignity

2. Bae Young Jun
One of the famous Korean Actor because of huge popularity that he got from mega hit Winter Sonata which make Korean drama and Korean itself famous all over the world.Nami Island (Location in Winter Sonata takes place) became one of the famous island right now. His latest drama was dream high. He is also one of korean actor that receive high payment for his roles in drama.The sensible good-looking gentleman began melting women's hearts as a youngster with his debut role in the 1994 KBS drama "Barefoot Days". His role in the 2003 movie "Untold Scandal" began to jeopardize his standing as Korea's #1 main man. However, MBC's 2007 drama "The Legend" brought out the best in Yon-sama! He is known for his classic good looks and signature eyeglasses. He will remain a true "Legend" to all K-drama fans.

Top Hallyu Star in Japan

3. Lee Byung Hyun

Lee Byung Hyun is one of the great actor that Korean ever have.Starting his career since 1991 but only known through his Film Join Security Area followed by his hits drama All In as Kim In Ha in 2001.After long time,he back to drama Iris 2009 and he receiveing Daesang award for his excellence acting in potrayal Kim Hyun Jun..one of the prestige award.He is now focusing on his upcoming Hollywood movie G.I Joe.

  4.Rain Bi

Begun with A love to kill, he gaining popularity and most remember drama is Full House which make everyone never miss to watch drama.Megasuper star cannot be stopped.every women wishes Rain on themselves.He is not only POPULAR ACTOR BUT ALSO MOST POPULAR KOREAN SINGER.  We will  always remember his character in   Full House and Sang Dook Let Go To School. Rain will serve in military training in this year

5. Won Bin

South Koreans are obsessed with actor/ model Won Bin. Can a man be more perfect? With his chiseled face and sultry voice, it's a wonder women don't faint at the very sight of him. The well-loved star made his mark in the Korean Entertainment industry in the Hallyu Wave 2000 KBS drama series "Autumn's Tale". With more than 12 motion pictures projects to date, he has had his share of close-up time. The adored star combines a superb acting ability with a gorgeous lean body.

6. Song Seung Hun

Song Seung-heon is simply irresistible. His breakout role was in the 2000 KBS Hallyu hit "Autumn's Tale". Sexy comes easy to this talented star. When Seung-heon walks into a room, internal bodily temperatures soar. His most recent role in "East of Eden" has reestablished the hot Hallyu star as one of the greats since his release from the military. Best friends of Kwon Sang Hoo and So ji Sub has a list hits drama such as Summer scent,and recently  My Princess. He is also one of high paid actor in Korean.

7. Kwon Sang Woo

Why is it married men seem so handsome!? Sinning would never feel so right. Married sex-symbol Kwon Sang-woo is best known for his role in the super popular worldwide hit "Stairway to Heaven". He has definitely made a "stairway" to fans' hearts. The now family man is married to lovely actress Son Tae-Young and they both have the joy of their life, son Luke, preoccupying their time. His 2010 drama on MBC entitled "Dae Mul" is sure to make your heart race.

8. Jung Woo Sung
Talented screen actor in  Musa,A Moment to Remember, Daisy with Jun Ji Hyun ,Sad Movie and The Good,Bad and Weird which people never forget. From high profile role, romantic role, and iconic roles,he always the perform the best for his movies.That make branded companys are chasing him for their commercial. His latest drama Athena- become blockbuster drama.

9. Hyun Bin

Best known for his lead roles in My Name is Kim Sam Soon and recently Secret Garden. Both of these drama got high rating of the Year and Best Couples and Best Award.This make his name become one of prominent Korean Actor all over the world. Currently,he is joining Marine as mandatory military training.

10. So Ji-sub:

Smoldering actor So Ji-sub has had nothing but success since he first stepped into the South Korean drama world. He first garnered attention for his rookie role in the 1998 MBC drama "3 guys and 3 girls". The actor then played in numerous roles until he hit the Hallyu Wave with "What Happened in Bali". After you watch him on-screen you'll have dreams of "We Are Dating Now", like the name of his 2002 SBS drama. We love him for his deep, manly, gritty voice and his scruffy handsome face.Best Known in his lead roles in I'm Sorry I love you and Cain and Abel.

11. Lee Min Ho
credit to eider

 Lee Min Ho starting his career in 2005 with small roles and get a lot of attention after his roles in hits drama Boys Over Flowers as Jun Pyo in 2009. For two years he be known as Jun Pyo until his new drama City Hunter shows his new side as actor. He melts everyone with his superhot smiles.Lee Min Ho open producers  and  fans's eyes that he is one of talented actor in South Korea. Currently in love with Park Min Young his co-partner in City Hunter. Lee Min Ho taking home two awards for Best Actor and Hallyu Awards. Congratulations Min Ho

12. Jang Geuk Suk

Jang Geun Suk Texts "I Like Women" to Lee Min Ho

Best known in drama You're Beautiful, Jang Geun Suk is as main lead with Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa in 2009. He make comeback in 2010 with another successful drama " Mary,stayed out all night together with his co-partner Moon Geun Young.He  is also not just talented in acting but also singing.Just released his single " Let Me Cry in April. With arrogant character in drama, he has been make million of people fall in love with him.
Jang Geuk Suk Most Popular Hallyu star in Japan

If is there any actor that you think should be in this list,let me know by comment below..Thank you for your suggestions.

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Anonymous said...

where is lee min hoo? he must be a part of it..

Anonymous said...

jang geun suk must be there in this list... he is definitely the best!
check it here: http://hallyuwavezone.wordpress.com/2011/03/17/list-top-10-best-korean-drama-actor/

LiSa said...

tq for the suggestions

Anonymous said...

What about Lee Seung Ki? I think he is greatly loved. He is the CF king. He is a great entertainer - can act and sing plus he has a great personality....

Anonymous said...

I think Song Il Guk is the best Korean born actor because he is able to age his characters within the dramas, bring interesting complexity to the character as well as being able to play many different types of people. Also he has a real nobility and heart that come through. I think he is one of the best actors that I have ever seen anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Too sad not to find Chung Jung Myung here.

Anonymous said...

KIM HYUN JOONG must be there!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow lee minho is there so proud,i hoped park si ho would be there,oppa you will be the best actor in korean in the future!!!! love you Park si ho

Anonymous said...

where is park si ho i donot see him? i love him and he must be here,oppa where e you

LiSa said...

park shi hoo in the list of Best Korean Actor 2011

Anonymous said...

Song joong ki should be there! He is like extremely cute and is a great actor!!! Saranghe joong ki oppa!

Anonymous said...

i am agree with this list.. huhu

Anonymous said...

Hands down best actor is Joo Won. Nobody can touch this guy's talent! Best looking is definitely Lee Minho.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Good list. But where is Jo In Sung??

Anonymous said...

cha tae hyun???? in speed scandal his acting was daebak.... :)

Anonymous said...

Won Bin should be up in the 1st, and Kang Dong Won should be ensuing him as second. These two are currently considered the hottest by local Koreans. Jung Woo Sung and Jang Dong Gun are probably 3rd nowadays as they are showing signs of aging (already! T.T). I cannot believe Jo In Sung is not included though.

Bree Azim said...

DON'T FORGET KIM HYUN JOONG!!!!! That man is delicious!!!

Bree Azim said...

DON'T FORGET KIM HYUN JOONG!!! That man is delicious!!!